biophilia treehouse: about

our vision:

we seek to contribute to a shift in how we humans understand ourselves in relation to the natural world. if the human species can come to truly fathom its interconnectedness within the ecosystems it inhabits, we believe that a fundamental shift in how we design our built environments shall happen.

our values:

work in collaboration with the natural world
attunement to the needs of ecosystems
non-hierarchical and non-dualistic frameworks
social and environmental justice
respect for indigenous knowledge
interdisciplinary practices

to achieve these goals, we are:

building an interdisciplinary team
creating amazing partnerships
seeking generous funding
collaborating with birds and wildlife
partnering with communities in underserved areas

interdisciplinary team

rebeca méndez
project lead, chair, design media arts, founder, counterforce lab
alvaro azcárraga
m.f.a. candidate in design media arts
erin cooney
m.f.a. candidate in design media arts
eleanor diamant
ph.d. candidate in ecology & evolutionary biology
maru garcía
artist / ucla design media arts, m.f.a., alumna, 2019
andrew gonzales
m.arch. candidate in architecture and urban design
sana jahani
m.arch. candidate in architecture and urban design
jihun lee
design / ucla design media arts, b.f.a. alumnus, 2017
wonho lee
undergraduate student in design media arts
yogan muller
ph.d. visiting lecturer, design media arts