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desma 154 spring 2018

154 word and image: waste awareness + change of habit
professor: rebeca méndez. ta:  maru garcía

“we live in a defining moment in history – a moment where the international community has come together to agree on an ambitious framework to resolve some of the world’s most daunting challenges. anchored in a set of universally applicable sustainable development goals, the 2030 agenda for sustainable development, adopted by all 193 members of the united nations in september 2015, underlined a common determination to take bold and transformative steps towards a better future for all. now is the time for implementation. we must now begin to practice what we have preached – changing our production and consumption patterns in order to create virtuous cycles rather than depletive ones and harnessing the global interconnectedness, communications technology and breakthroughs in materials science.”
–foreword to: the new plastics economy, rethinking the future of plastics

your waste awareness:

the project documents the waste you produce in 7 days. there are many kinds of waste we produce which include organic, plastics, paper, glass, metal, clothes, e-waste, hazardous, etc… through words, drawings, diagrams, charts, and photography you will document the waste you generate every day, for 7 days. this content will be processed and designed into the book.

change a habit:

conceive of a project based on the following stages for a more sustainable lifestyle: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot and repurpose. your project can focus on one stage or all.  a project can be a simple as choosing to ‘reduce’ the amount of plastic you are using, or to ‘rot’ by starting a compost, or you can ‘repurpose’ some trash you found in the ucla waste facilities.

document the process to create content to design into the book.