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2023 counterforce lab salon series
eyes in the sky / birds in the heart + mind

salon # 2
kate cavanaugh (ucla geography) and yogan muller (counterforce lab) explore how drone imagery and remote sensing techniques provide vital insights into kelp’s importance in supporting life in our region.
jan.30.2023 12:00 – 1:00pm 
eda broad art center at ucla
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For our second session in the series, Kate Cavanaugh, a PhD student in the Department of Geology at UCLA, spoke in conversation with Counterforce Lab’s Yogan Muller. Through her work, Cavanaugh shows us how drones provide a unique vantage point to bring kelp ecology to the forefront of our hearts and minds. She leverages drones and remote sensing techniques to study the health of kelp forests in the California Bight. Kelp forests have vital ecosystem services, and their recent decline only emphasized their importance in supporting diverse plant and animal life. Drone imagery provides vital insights into how kelp grow, age, and fluctuate over time, giving us a tool to learn about the lives of kelp, and therefore the cascading impacts that climate change and other threats can have on whole ecosystems.