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2023 counterforce lab salon series
eyes in the sky / birds in the heart + mind

salon # 1
counterforce lab's new lecture series explores interspecies friendship, artistic-scientific collaborations and technology's role in bonding with nature, using drones as a tool for empathy.
jan.23.2023 12:00 – 1:00pm 
eda broad art center at ucla
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Eyes in the Sky, Birds in the Heart and Mind is Counterforce Lab’s new lecture series. As a point of departure, we focused on the Biophilia Treehouse, Counterforce’s flagship project, a public art living sculpture, and an offering to birds. Join us to explore how drones, photogrammetry, and AR can foster interspecies friendships, reveal overlaps and disjunctures between scientific and Indigenous knowledge about birds, and let us marvel at avian life force.