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ascent of weavers / museum of contemporary art oaxaca

museum of contemporary art oaxaca
nov 20, 2018 - may 17, 2019

for a world facing social and environmental crises, ascent of weavers is a call for awakening and action for collective healing of the earth. entities of white, red, blue, and black embody cycles of the sun, the heavens, and the underworld and directions of human life in pre-hispanic zapotec civilization. the entities undertake a journey into mictlan (lyobaa in zapotec)—the underworld of the mixtec mythology—aided by xolotl (a canine god), who leads them through the underworld’s nine levels. here they are challenged by piercing winds and crushing mountains, finally crossing rivers of blood to emerge as goddesses of weaving (tlazolteotl, or nohuichana in zapotec)—warriors leading us to a more just, equitable, and sustainable relationship with our planet.