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desma 154 winter 2018

154 word and image: junk battle!
professor: rebeca méndez. ta:  eli joteva

w2018 project description:

junk battle!

la’s most creative minds are taking on big junk.

on april 20, 2018 junk battle! brings the county’s architecture and design students together with sustainability professionals to focus on one of la’s toughest challenges:  what to do about mountains of waste.  the event is organized by pando populus, a producer of strategically chosen initiatives for a more sustainable los angeles county. its mission is to produce experiences “where big ideas come down to earth.”

“imagine ted meets architecture-and-design studio meets hackathon meets innovation black belts,” says creative director john bielenberg, “and you’ve just imagined what junk battle! can be.”

the junk battle! competition brings together la county’s architecture and design schools to upcycle institutional waste in the most useful and creative ways imaginable.  professionals volunteer as project consultants.  work begins ahead of time and culminates on the day of the event with celebrity judging. projects are displayed at key locations around the county.

what can we contribute to this initiative as the ucla dma 154 word + image class?