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desma 154 spring 2020

word + image: for good measure
desma 154 (spring 2020) – instructors: rebeca méndez, yogan muller, ta: zeynep abes

course focus: for good measure

under the “for good measure” umbrella, this course invites students to explore phenomena that are distant, diffuse, complex and yet, phenomena that affect our individual lives. environmental change is of prime interest here. how, for example, do we make sense of climate change as human beings? more specifically, how can we possibly feel, sense or render a temperature increase of a fraction of a degree each year? students are free to choose other phenomena as long as they have the aforementioned qualities.

students will gain an understanding of digital design softwares, photography, semiotics and environmental history. they will also gain an understanding of how these contemporary practices can contribute to respond effectively to today’s challenges, as mindful visual artists and social agents. lectures will provide a deep sense of history and invite students to situate their work and voice within a robust framework and contemporary practices.