ruth shaffer

border lines: degrees of change

border lines emerged from the desire to understand the complexity of the links between immigration, border militarization, and climate change. due to the complex nature of these subjects, the publication explores multiple narratives that factor into the overall debate. by drawing from the voices of various investigative reporters and photojournalists across the world, border lines takes you through history, policy, and opinion related to the border and those who cross it.

by going further than the narrative set forth by washington and trump, border lines seeks to humanize the plight of the migrant. it identifies the factors that force the hands of migrants who  search for opportunity and a better life. the publication does not sugar coat the immigrant reality and instead dives head first into the wounds caused by the militant attitude of hostility and indifference so many individuals and families come up against at the border. ultimately the project aims to provoke conversation in ways that elicit empathy and show that immigrant rights are human rights.