Wonho Lee

Bye, things.


1. Gather catalogs of “things.” To highlight the fact that our world is infested with constant need for things, I gathered catalogs of fashion retailers, furniture retailers, and oth-er products that we like to own and desire. I used some catalogs that I got from UCLA store and from professor Rebeca Mendez.
2. Rip them apart. In order to make paper clay with paper, I had to manually rip them into small pieces. I ended up using white paper for white colored paper clay and other colored paper for grey col-ored paper clay.

3. Pour hot water. I had to soften the paper with hot water. In this way, I could later use my hand held blender to make blendered paper mache.

4. Mix it with flour. To make the paste sticky and moldable, I had to mix the paste with flour. I used leftover flour that my roommate used for his baking.

5. Mold letters. Now the paste is sticky and sturdy enough to mold the letters. This process was the most time consuming work since I had to mold each letters one by one and put them in the microwave.

6. Let them dry.  After making letters with both batch, I had to let them dry for few days. For the bowl, I used egg carton with the same proce-dure.