Stefanie Tam


Documentation of 24 hours of waste for 7 days. Inclusion of trash, materials, type of waste, and journal entries. Inclusion of proposed habit changes to counter the habits directly correlated with my documented waste. A sticker section to incentivise habit changes and incorporate interactivity. A section of zoomed in imagery of disposed waste reflecting the major manufacturers and corporations producing the type of waste.

Design Concept:

A book that acts as an art object that (1) mocks people’s typical apathetic and indifferent attitude towards consumption and waste production, (2) engages the reader to change poor waste habits through light-hearted incentivization tactics, (3) and highlights the embedded advertisement culture while exposing the major manufacturers that directly contribute to the world’s expanding waste problem.

Through spiral binding, markable boxes, a condensed sans serif font, and other design decisions, the book will visually allude to both an administrative aesthetic and cult advertisement design that will satirically reveal the majority’s current ignorance of the harmfulness of consumption and production.