Jenny Dodge

Bad Habit is a book which documents 7 days of my personal waste. The book is organized based upon the materials of the waste: Plastic, Aluminum, Paper, and Organic Waste. This book further explores the implications of what it means to create waste and how it affects our environment. Through extensive research on each material, this book reveals the true dangers of our daily waste and suggests that it is time to make a change, which prompts the reader to the second book – Good Habit.

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Good Habit is a book of solutions. After recording 7 days of my waste, I decided to go completely waste free in order to observe healthy alternatives to my previous habits. Thus, this book is divided into 3 sections: Refuse, Reuse, and Rot. Refuse packaged goods, Reuse bags and containers, and Rot your leftover food scraps in a compost. Therefore, these sections focus on solutions that lead you to living a waste free life style, as well as personal excerpts about my week living waste free. This book is about hope; that it is possible to reduce your footprint on the environment by following those 3 simple steps.